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Kucharski Adam
Rutkowska Emilia


Effective communication in a relationship depends on the styles and strategies used by the spouses. The strategies used by them can foster mutual support, depreciate the partner, or be an indication of commitment (Kazimierczak, Plopa, 2006). Studies of marital relations show that an important aspect that develops bonds and relationship satisfaction is the sense of humor (Cann & Calhoun, 1997; Saroglou et al., 2010). Researchers dealing with the sense of humor differentiate between four basic styles of humor. The affiliative and self-enhancing styles are regarded as adaptive, while the aggressive and self-defeating styles are regarded as non-adaptive (Martin et al., 2003). The purpose of the studies is to determine whether there is a relationship between the spouses’ humor and communication styles. Another question to be answered is whether there is a relationship between the humor styles and the perception of the partner’s communication style in a relationship. It has been concluded that adaptive humor styles correlate with styles based on mutual support and commitment in a relationship. The self-defeating style, on the other hand, shows relationships with a style that depreciates the partners. No relations have been noted between a specific humor style and the perception of partner’s communication style.
Keywords: marriage, communication, humor, humor styles

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