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Prof., Dr. Olena Vlasova

Olena Vlasova, PhD (1989), Professor (2010), Doctor of Sciences in Psychology (2006). Official position is a Head of Developmental Psychology Department at the faculty of Psychology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine.

In 2008 - 2009 years I was a member of the expert council of psychology Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine. Since 2010 - a member of a specialized council of faculty of psychology KNU of doctoral theses. I am the coach of the UN Development Program (2011) and the positive psychotherapist (since 2012) and the positive adviser (2012). 2013 I heading the scientific -
methodological seminar for graduate students and doctoral students at the Faculty of Psychology Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

In March 2015 I was elected chairman of the public organization "Ukrainian Association of Psychology of Education & Development". Since October 2015 I have occupied position of the director of Education-practical centre of rehabilitee & development personality in University of Modern Knowledge in Kyiv.

The exact fields of my scientific interests are Developmental and Educational Psychology, Socialization & Resocialization of Personality and Development of Social Endowments. In a frame of these scientific trends I investigate psychological problems of social development of human psyche in ontogenesis, motives and mechanisms of formation and development of individual and collective subjects of social vital activity, social adaptation and resocialization personality and social skills development.

The main results of my scientific and methodic work are detected in the scientific monographs: «Рsychology of development of social capabilities is in ontogenesis (full ontogenesis)» (Scientific monograph, 2016), “The development of the whole person in a modern multicultural society” (collective monograph, 2015). “Psychology of Social Skills: Structure, Dynamics, Developmental Factors’  (2005),  ‘Psychology of Talent: Problems, Structure, Indexes’  (1996, with the co-
authors), and also in scientific-
methodical editions ‘Education Psychology’, a manual (2000, 2005),  ‘Akmeology of Pedagogical Education’, a collective manual (2003) and some text-
books just like ‘Social Psychology of Organizations and Management’  (2010, 2011), ‘Psychology and Education Basics’  (2011, 2012),  ‘Methods of Psychology Teaching’  (2012).

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Науковці України — еліта держави II.

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